Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Surat split led to the partition of the country; the politics of BJP has partitioned the psyche of the nation

[From the very same Gita from which Gandhiji derived non-violence and satyagraha, Lokmanya Tilak constructed the case for ferocious response, not excluding violence. From the very same Gita from which Gandhiji derived his ‘true law’, shatham pratyapi satyam, ‘Truth even to the wicked’, the Lokmanya derived his famous maxim, shatham prati shaathyam, ‘Wickedness to the wicked.’ Hindutva and radical Islam: Where the twain do meet Arun Shourie Indian Express: Friday, December 28, 2007] 5:17 AM 8:13 AM
[Benazir Bhutto was my classmate at Oxford in the 1970s...Bhutto’s assassination comes just three months after the 60th anniversary of Pakistan’s birth. The partition of what had been British India in August 1947 was in many ways itself a tragedy of epic proportions. Millions were uprooted and hundreds of thousands died. The Congress Party that led India to independence has had its share of problems, not least losing power for a time to Hindu nationalists. The nonviolence of Gandhi has remained a powerful legacy, but it is one too often honored in the breach, not least as India’s great religious communities clash. Just this past week the Bharatiya Janata Party won state elections in Gujarat. This will keep the notorious Narendra Modi in power, the chief minister who looked the other way as his fellow-Hindus killed Muslims by the hundreds or maybe thousands in 2002... Secularism:The assassination of Benazir Bhutto posted by Craig Calhoun] 7:36 AM 9:23 AM
[Indian culture and values appreciate the "good man", the "good company", and not the invader or the aggressor...Tatas follow the practice of negotiated mutually acceptable acquisitions and mergers. They have said it repeatedly that hostile takeovers are not their policy for growth and expansion. This is a value system of the group, which earns it respect, not hostility. Therefore, Aiyar’s opinion that these values and traditions be dropped is unfortunate. A question of ethics TARUN DAS The Times of India 28 Dec 2007] 5:51 AM 10:01 AM 1:35 PM 6:45 PM 6:09 PM 8:13 AM
Ethical dilemmas are as old as the Mahabharata. Failure to tread the right path at crucial moments can lead to perdition. One such moment came a century ago at Surat. The then leaders of the Congress refused to go by Sri Aurobindo's sane advice. The party split, the movement weakened. The country lost the opportunity to nurture a mainstream political force.

The RSS took birth as a reaction a few years later and eventually BJP came to the centre stage by championing the other extreme. The Surat split led to the partition of the country; the politics of BJP has partitioned the psyche of the nation.
Savitri Era Party ventures to remedy these historical errors. The notion of nationalism has undergone significant metamorphoses under the impact of globalization. To prepare our people to be ready for global partnerships, whenever opportunity arrives, is a big task. But by the grace of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo we shall proceed in the right direction. This is the parting call of the year 2007.
Tusar N. Mohapatra, President, Savitri Era Party.
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