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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Savitri Era Religion is the new world religion, now

[Matthew linked to this series on National Review’s Uncommon Knowledge (link is to pt 2 of 5) with Bruce Thornton a Professor of Classics at Cal-Fresno. He discusses his new book Decline and Fall Europe’s Slow Motion Suicide. Thornton is interviewed by Peter Robinson (from Hoover) who imo is one of the best interviewers out there.
Thornton echoing arguments of
Mark Steyn and Samuel Huntington argues that because Europe has abandoned its Judeo-Christian roots embracing secularism it is headed to both demographic winter and will be unable to stop the inevitable Islamicization of Europe.
I’ll deal with what Thornton says in the interviews in a separate post, but since I had never heard of this man before I googled him and found this interesting piece he (BT) wrote in the City Journal entitled
Epistle to the Muslims.
The background to this piece is a letter written in Oct 2007 signed by 138 Muslim clerics (from both branches, first time this has ever happened) calling for a Common Word between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Recall the furor over Pope Benedict’s citation of a Byzantine Emperor from the 14th century who called Islam an irrational faith and the dust up over that episode. The Pope went to Turkey and called for Turkish admission into the EU and pushed for the rights of Christians and minority religious groups in Turkey.
You can download and read
A Common Word here. A Common Word argues that all three Abrahamic religions (Christ, Jud., and Islam) have at their core two central propositions: Love/Devotion to God and Love of Neighbor.
Citations from the Quran, the New Testament, and the Torah are amassed to ground this claim...
B. Thornton on Common Word from Indistinct Union by cjsmith]

No amount of flogging can make the faltering faiths gallop. Savitri Era Religion is the new world religion, now. [TNM]

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