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Aurchlives, Aehton, and April flower

[On April 4th at about 4 o'clock in the evening, the Dupleix anchored in Pondicherry harbour. The sea in Pondicherry harbour is not deep enough for sea-going ships. Therefore ships could not come up to the pier, they had to anchor half a mile out. Passengers had to take a boat from the pier to go to and from the ship. (p. 11)... After having our tea in the ship's cabin, we took the three trunks and bedding and all of us got into the boat and went from the boat to the pier and from the pier to the main road known as Cours Chabrol. Srinivas Achari had obtained a horsedrawn carriage from some local gentleman and it was there ready for use.… (p. 127) Extracts from Suresh Chandra Chakrabarti, Smritikatha (Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1952). (Translated from the Bengali.) Documents in the Life of Sri Aurobindo]

[Sri Aurobindo: A Dream Dialogue with Children by Nirodbaran
If a group of Ashram children had visited Sri Aurobindo in his room and begged him to tell them the story of his life, how would he have narrated it? The author uses his intimate knowledge from long association with the master to spin a delightful bio-graphical dream dialogue.]

[Saturday, November 25, 2006 Let fictional flowers bloom
Apropos of the imaginary missive from Milton Friedman to our PM by Jerry Rao carried by
Indian Express today, one recalls the fictional dialogues of Sri Aurobindo for children that Nirodbaran used to write a decade ago or so. Though it did seem a bit blasphemous at that time to puritanical sentiments, similar creative endeavours are likely to multiply in the days to come so as to prepare an enriched field for enhanced understanding of the mystery of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's divine manifestation. Of course, the difficulty of shifting the actual from the imaginary would be ever greater; but then the chroniclers, too, will multiply so also the memorizing power of silicon chips. By the way, the article, Integral Spirituality - Exploring the Connection of the Sages Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo by Charles Ismael Flores "includes an imaginary interview..." Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 2:25 PM]

Puducherry, April 1, 2010

The Beach Road bears a festive look these days with several organizations busy putting up their tents to celebrate the Centenary of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in Puducherry on April 4. While the Ashram connected bodies like Sri Aurobindo Society and World Union are to go through the usual fanfare and visits by dignitaries, a spirited participation by Aurchlives Foundation has added zing to the whole scenario.

Aurchlives is insisting that its celebration is at the exact spot where Sri Aurobindo touched the soil of Puducherry, then known as Pondicherry. Aurchlives has unearthed a packet of sand recently discovered by the great-granddaughter of a close associate of Sri Aurobindo which is believed to be preserved right from the spot where Sri Aurobindo first set his foot. But Aurchlives is leaving nothing to chance and elaborate investigations are on for confirmation by combining forensic procedures with reverse Remote Sensing simulation by engaging Gamma Ray retardation technique.

Another facet Aurchlives is investigating is whether Sri Aurobindo had felt anything similar to what he had experienced while landing in Mumbai in 1893. Although many accounts are available, they are yet to be classified as “spiritual” as per the Foundation’s rating standards. It may be recalled that the overall rating of Sri Aurobindo was upgraded last year from C (-) to C (+) by Aurchlives in response to vociferous prayers and petitions.

But it is no cakewalk for Aurchlives, it seems, as its spot selection has been challenged by the influential Aehton Group. Flourishing a plethora of colorful astrological charts and numerological calculations they claim to have located the right spot some 44 meters away, which according to them tallies with the Galactic vibrational almanac and tidal relapse ledgers. However, most of the devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo find these rival claims repulsive.

Lastly, the city activists of Rationalist Political Party are likely to stage black-flag demonstration as their “fight is against Puducherry becoming another Hong Kong or Thailand” a prospect for which they hold the arrival of Sri Aurobindo solely responsible. This, of course, should be considered a compliment instead, a visitor remarked. [TNM] [8:02 AM 11:13 AM 7:04 AM 12:34 PM] [Geography, Geometry, and the Zodiac]

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