Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whether Heehs has actually "criticized the Master" is an issue that involves an elaborate process of textual criticism

from Tusar N. Mohapatra <> to PP Raghavachary <> date 20 September 2008 12:24 subject Re: Protests against Peter Heehs

Dear Raghav,

Many thanks for your helpful clarifications, and intimating fresh developments. I would like to make certain points clear, as I feel you are capable of appreciating a reasoned response:

  1. It is the lookout of the Ashram authorities exclusively to proceed (or not proceed) against Peter Heehs, and others, obviously, have no locus standi to put up a show (and market themselves) in a 'Holier-than-thou' manner.
  2. It smacks of mala fide intent to selectively exhume some buried confidential correspondences of 1986-87 to buttress their 'More loyal than the King' activism.
  3. Such back-issues including "tampering of Savitri" should be dealt with in strict separation from the objections to the present book. Whether Heehs has actually "criticized the Master" is an issue that involves an elaborate process of textual criticism and hermeneutical exercise by experts which ideally should have happened first and in public.
  4. As regards your citing from the Mother's Agenda, may I lay down the standard safeguard that I normally take shelter under:

    As it is not possible for me to follow all that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have collectively written in their seventy volumes, I won't expect someone else to do so; and thereby, try to avoid the trap of literalism.

  5. If Heehs has other crimes to his "credit" hang him, but not for painstakingly producing this marvelous document: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.

Yours fraternally, Tusar N. Mohapatra 1:02 PM 6:28 PM Savitri Erans are beholden to Peter Heehs Sorrier than thou Biased train of conversation which denounces the integrity of a fine critical biography 10:15 AM 7:40 AM

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  1. Extremely well-said. You having excellent clarity on this issue. We may not agree with PH, but crusade campaign against PH and even Ashram is un-SriAurobindonian to say the least. Sad to know even people like Ananda Reddy of SACAR institue are invoved in this hate-campaign. How sad. And they claim to be followers of the master and teach LIFE DIVINE, the book of supreme integrality!! If any response is needed, it has to be one-to-one, not mass. Let a better book be written? Thank you for reply once again.