Friday, October 17, 2008

Manoj Das Gupta camouflages his complicity

[Pranabda, I hope and pray that you will not take amiss this missive of mine. I have tried to be as frank and straight forward as possible. You yourself have been asking example of these virtues. With deep love and respect, In Her Love, Sd/- (Manoj Das Gupta)
Posted at 4:20 PM]
It is not easy to decipher what prompted Manoj Das Gupta to undergo the trouble of writing his reply to Pranab in long hand; to stress humility and subordination on his part, perhaps; and to camouflage his complicity. But the contents don't come from his heart, at least not the following paragraph:

My present dilemma is this: If our intention is that this book becomes of what we consider to be its potential danger, should reach as few readers as possible, then, whether any public denunciation will help to achieve our goal? Or, on the contrary, it will only make PH instead a martyr like Rusdie, Taslima, etc. and the publisher would be only too eager to exploit the situation in order to promote its sales! I have no answer to the above dilemma.

Clearly, as per the script drafted in Heehs' war room, it points to too many missing links in the whole story. No wonder, the post timing showed up as 4:20 PM. [TNM]

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