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Friday, October 10, 2008

Why divide love?

[(3) Religion and Spirituality: Religion of today is blatantly and shamelessly about "identity" and power politics as we all know. In this murderous game the devils on top, our politicians, will be the only ones to profit cent per cent. But there is something to note here apart from the political tinge this religious problem has acquired. The esoterism of religions is dying and is breathing hard to survive. All that will remain in the coming years will be the calcified exoteric religious ego of each and every practising individual and the institution that shelters him/her - the "ego" which religion originally set about to obliterate. Ironical indeed! And in this clash of ossified egos and their following demise, a new spirituality shall be born. I believe hence that a time will soon come when the few remaining true and tolerant seekers of God - who do not look upon God as some chocolate wrapped in a shiny colorful foil of brands like Cadbury or Mars or Eclairs or Lindt and vie for the top spot for their God - will be happy to see that gods of all religions are dying in this head-banging religious "survival-of-the-fittest" game and a new unifying concept shall soon be established, one sans division of any kind. And that would be spirituality! Spirituality not in the way Paris Hilton understands it but in true terms of its original meaning: of "Spirit" of mankind, hidden as fire or god or spark or a sublime feeling of compassion, love and tolerance in every human heart, spirituality which accepts no caste, creed, dogma, doctrine, guru, holy book, as its last word and will embrace and beautify and enlarge all ideas and any idea of God. I wait for such a day when the religious economic market, just born, will die too (sadly with blood on the hands of all religions) and give way to only one faith -- Spirituality. No one would then be bound by an outer form, a set of rituals, a prescribed method of worship, dietary restrictions, a daily method of prayer, a proselytization exercise leading to heaven, no delusional my-religious-daddy-strongest fights, and above all NO BLOWING UP OF PEOPLE in the name of Allah. Sri Aurobindo has already announced that such a time would soon come when we shall all be unified under one single faith with as many ways of pursuing God as each of us personally wants. That will teach us tolerance among diverse faiths. To sum up in Sri Aurobindo's terms: "So also one may say that the perfection of the integral Yoga will come when each man is able to follow his own path of Yoga, pursuing the development of his own nature in its upsurging towards that which transcends the nature. For freedom is the final law and the last consummation. " (The Synthesis of Yoga, pg. 57) I, for one, am waiting for such a day. As for me, I love Jesus and Krishna who are the One manifested as many. I have to acknowledge that I owe my gratitude to the grand and catholic philosophy of my gurus Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for making me so broadminded by inducing in me a love of all philosophies in this world. Let all the squabbling religious and political heads and voices drown and die under their own rubble and a true spirituality emerge to unite us all.Well, that is how I envisage these separate issues that are now being generalized, either as a communal problem, political problem, religious problem or an economic problem. Seeing things the way they are with their nuances helps us fathom situations with more clarity and patience. A serious law and order problem in our State, quickly exploited by one religion for the purpose of conversions, and another religion to react violently, and all of it resulting in bloodletting is something which implicates the State, the Police, the Christian evangelicals and the Hindu extremists all alike in this heinous crime. There is no smoke without fire! And this fire is this entire aforementioned group. Shame on such an onslaught of political incompetence and recklessness and religious greed on innocent people! My deepest sympathies will always be with those whose innocent lives were sacrificed and butchered so heartlessly and futilely resulting in no gain. Christian rapacity for conversion is as much guilty of engendering these moments of violence as is Hindu fanaticism in enacting it. One need not be emotionally biased or mealy-mouthed to say this as a freethinker, Mr. Tharoor!
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1:11 PM Friday, October 10, 2008 Labels: , , , , , , , , , I am an ardent devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. My only source of strength, hope and happiness in this mad and chaotic world is this one sentence from the Mother, which she noted in Her diary soon after meeting Sri Aurobindo for the first time... I am an unreligious spiritualist and hence can say that I love all religions deeply but practice none. To be spiritual is to engulf all faiths, all paths and yet be enslaved to no one form or belief -- except for the true Essence behind all, the great Source that sustains all, which is ever the same. My head bows down in obedience to It forever. Also, everything on this page is a product of my stumbling and ignorance. Meera's Blog ]

  • "I love Jesus and Krishna who are the One manifested as many."
  • "I am an ardent devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother."

It is really difficult to reconcile the two statements. Why divide love? Is it not double speak? [TNM] [Sacred stuff]

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