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Advani has emasculated the BJP

[Lessons from the 15th Lok Sabha elections
from Maxwell Pereira's Blog by Maxwell Pereira
Retired Justice David Annoussamy shared with me his analysis of the last elections to the 15th Lok Sabha: Lessons from the 15th Lok Sabha elections Money for votes Though there was tangible progress in many respects in the electoral process, distribution of money to voters continued unabated. Candidates were alert enough to take care of inflation and increased the rate accordingly.]

[Elections 2009: Read the Fine Print
from Friends of BJP -- Because India Deserves Better by rajesh
by GVL Narasimha Rao. If the Congress’s revival is not the reason for its stupendous success in the polls, what factors have contributed to its victory? The party benefited primarily from the decline and division in the vote share of its opponents... The scale of the Congress’s success has astounded everyone, including party bigwigs. The ‘wave’ in favour of the Congress, however, was invisible — because there wasn’t any.
It is the failure of the BJP and other parties to hold their own that caused the BJP’s defeat; not because of a serious challenge from the Congress. This should be the message for parties like the BJP. G.V.L. Narasimha Rao is a BJP political analyst.
(This article was first published in Hindustan Times on June 23, 2009.)

[Creation of Small States
from Friends of BJP -- Because India Deserves Better by rajesh
by Anish Tripathi
The time for the creation of smaller states has obviously come and BJP is largely seen as a party that is friendly towards the concept of smaller states, unlike the Congress, where it is a political stance (say depending on whether it needs TRS votes at that point in time or not)... Why can’t the BJP, a party committed to the cause of smaller states, take up this issue, to demand the establishment of a process, so that legitimate demands do not get stifled due to politics, and mindless politics do not create needless demands for states that are not viable?]

[BJP defeat is a defeat of BJP brand of journalism
from churumuri by churumuri
: The stunning defeat of the BJP in the general elections has been dissected so many times and by so many since May 16 that there is little that has been left unsaid.
What has been left unsaid is how the BJP’s defeat also marks the comeuppance of a certain breed of journalists who had chucked all pretence to non-partisanship and made it their mission to tom-tom the party, in print and on air, for a decade and more...
However, the rise of the “muscular” BJP saw the birth of a “muscular” breed of journalists who unabashedly batted for the party’s politics and policies—without revealing their allegiance while enjoying its fruits “
lavishly“—in a manner that would have embarrassed even the official spokesmen of the “Hindu nationalist party”.]

[The political resolution bizarrely equates Hinduism with Hindutva. This was best avoided. Hinduism is about faith, which is by definition narrow and exclusive. Hindutva is about political mobilisation, which has to be inclusive and all-embracing. Waffle at BJP National Executive meeting
from Agent Provocateur by Kanchan Gupta. The party should have said:
Hindutva is rooted in India’s cultural and civilisational ethos, of which faith (Hinduism, Islam or Christianity) is only one inter-changeable component; it is representative of India’s identity as an ancient nation and a modern nation state; it links India’s past with its present and mirrors its aspirations for a better future. It defines Indianness or Bharatiyata. It is the cornerstone of cultural nationalism, the BJP's USP. It is rooted in egalitarianism, tolerance and compassion. It celebrates democracy. It harmonises differences. It rests on the principle of justice to all, appeasement of none.]

[radha rajan: advani's bjp is gandhi's congress
jun 24th, 2009 From: Radha

If we remove the blinkers from our eyes and study our country's history from around 1890, it strikes us forcefully that the BJP today is Advani's BJP and Advani's BJP is the Gandhi Congress siamese twin. Advani has so emasculated the BJP as Gandhi emasculated the Congress and so despotic is advani's control of the BJP as was Gandhi's despotic control of the Congress that the BJP thinks there is no life beyond and after Advani just as the Congress thought then that there was no life beyond and after Gandhi. Gandhi destroyed Hindu political assertion and Advani is doing the same.
The Congress created, or shall we say the accepted culture for the Congress was that the Congress will be always headed by Gandhi clones or mortals desperately trying to be Gandhi clones. Ditto with Advani... We have rejected Advani, his coterie, Sudheendra Kulkarni and the new-cults. I dont want a Gandhi clone, I dont want another failed INC now masquerading as the BJP.
The Congress at least, true to its origins has gone back to being led by an European Christian. The BJP as it is today, will at best not even be a clone but a cheap imitation. RR
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6/24/2009 11:15:00 PM]

Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation is organizing a debate competition for the youth of Bengal on the topic- Nationalism Is The Key To Regain Bengal’s Pride. The competition will take place on the 5th of July on the occasion of 109th birth anniversary of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee.
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Post-election Potpourri. [TNM]

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