Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade are resorting to subterfuge

[And, yes, perhaps if he chooses to move out of the Ashram and stay in Auroville, where he has a number of admirers, or to some other place where he can follow the yoga in his own way, then, perhaps the court cases might be dropped. The Shadow and After -- by Alok Pandey]

[Court cases: Neither Alok nor I have the competence or the resources to handle court cases. Contrary to IYF's claims, neither of us is responsible for them, and neither do we have a say in their withdrawal. -Sraddhalu Ranade Introduction The Court Cases 12 June 09: Further Evidence of Ranade’s and Pandey's involvement in legal action]

It is utterly shameful that luminaries like Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade are resorting to subterfuge with regard to their involvement in the court cases filed against Peter Heehs. That they are confident to get away with it in full glare of the Netizens watching is all the more astonishing. We request the wise duo to come clean and facilitate an honest bipartite negotiation. [TNM]


  1. Excuse me! First you call them luminaries then you say the are resorting to subterfuge. Who is this Netizens watching? And then a request...

    Shame in what? Protecting the image of Sri Aurobindo in front of lakhs of diciples.

  2. "luminaries Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu"-- LOL
    This phrase was the funniest I've read in a long time.

  3. Tushar, how can you link yourself with and represent (!!!) "Savitri" forum and post such a derogatory comment against Sri Aurobindo and the Ashram simultaniously! Look within yourself, place the issue before your psychic light before impulsively splashing mud on some of the purest of The Mother's instruments!