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Heehs imbroglio brings into relief the basic metaphysical chasm

[Panpsychism from The Pinocchio Theory by Steven Shaviro. In my last book, I wrote that Whitehead’s position, that all entities have a “mental” as well as a “physical” pole, needs to be distinguished “from the ‘panpsychism’ of which he is sometimes accused” (page 28). I now realize that this is entirely wrong; such a distinction cannot be made, because Whitehead’s position is, in a very classical sense, a panpsychist one... Few of us are willing today to take Descartes’ dualist route, however. So the question becomes: how do we explain qualia, or phenomenal experience, or consciousness, or “inner” experience, on a materialist or monist basis?]

[it seems to me that virtually every social grouping and institution in the Western world is in some sense continuous with Christianity — including capitalism (which we are given to believe we supposedly resist in “the church” through the sheer act of taking communion or something). And if capitalism is in some continuity with Christianity — meaning that Christianity bears some responsibility for the rise of capitalism, something that I think only bad-faith propagandists could wholly deny — then arguably the whole world stands in continuity with Christianity.
Obviously there’s not a complete absense of a normative ideal — anything that looks too much like being “merely liberal” is obviously suspect to these people — but the normative ideal itself seems to be heavily slanted toward the value of continuity as such. Just by adhering to tradition, we’re suddenly really subversive. Meanwhile, the occasional critiques of “the Enlightenment” and various other hints show that we’re dealing with a really strong view of the break represented by the advent of modernity — meaning that “the church” preserves the old good stuff as a kind of foreign body in a modern world that has completely rejected Christianity and self-originated as something completely and irreducibly different.
More on “the church”: continuity
from An und für sich by Adam Kotsko]

[Sri Aurobindo was a champion in this endeavor, basing his seminal work "The Life Divine" upon his large commentaries on the Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, and Gita. That he was not promoting a 'western progression' idea against a world negating Indian civilization is evident from his and the Mother's very explicit and voluminous works on the central importance of India's civilization to the future evolution of human consciousness... Part (4) is the intellectual challenge started by Sri Aurobindo more daringly than anyone else and deserves to be continued. Language Hegemony and the Construction of Identity by Rajiv Malhotra
Copyright 2001, The Infinity Foundation]

[Introduction > Overview
We, the creators of this site, are concerned about recent actions by a vocal minority among the followers or devotees of Sri Aurobindo, and reactions by impressionable masses inside and outside the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. There are signs of attempts to turn the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother into a religion with some of the characteristics of fundamentalism. IY Fundamentalism]

[Millenialism is the promise of an earthly paradise and a savior who will usher it in for all mankind usually under apocalyptic conditions slated for an indefinite calendar date. These elements of the savior, the date and the vision of a heaven on earth are the irrational handles exploited by religious leaders to rouse, unite and subject masses to their will. It may be useful to note that all these elements are present in some form in Sri Aurobindo's corpus, making it vulnerable to such cultic abuse by upstart gurus if they can find fertile social grounds of faithful masses willing to surrender their rationality for their authorized interpretation. DB Re: Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi'ism by book review by Ray Takeyh (NYRB) / interview with Abbas Amanat (U Tube) Debashish Tue 23 Jun 2009 07:18 AM PDT]

If "arguably the whole world stands in continuity with Christianity," Savitri Era Religion too owes a few strands of genealogy to it. This hybridity (in the trivial sense) of Savitri Era Religion vis-à-vis the hybridity (in the postcolonial connotation) needs to be discussed threadbare instead of euphemistically relegated as a Synthesis, in the light of the Heehs imbroglio and its future implications.

More than colonial or political, the Heehs imbroglio brings into relief the basic metaphysical chasm twixt the East and the West. Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian dualism is yet to come to terms with Integral Advaita and the divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. [TNM]

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