Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Religion in Auroville

[ETHOS Pondicherry India In and around Auroville On Friday my boss Mouhsine invited the interns to a place called Sadhana Forest located just outside the main Auroville area The story behind Sadhana forest ...]

[Internet Evolution - Kim Solez, MD - The Internet Could Thrive in ... Our currency in AUROVILLE is called the AURO. One AURO is equal to one minute of skilled work. 1 hour = 60 Auros. This is purely to give it a base for reference and everyone is left to decide upon the value of what they are exchanging ...]

Every other day someone writes a post on touring Auroville invariably containing its population data. Although people belonging to how many nationalities are living there is always mentioned, no one talks about the break up according to their religious affiliation. Religions do have shortcomings and they need to be confronted head on. Human unity can't be achieved by pushing the word 'religion' under the carpet. [TNM]

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