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Richard Hartz writes under the pseudonym of Angiras

[Richard Hartz who writes under the pseudonym of Angiras... Posted by Raman Reddy at 5/31/2009 03:10:00 PM Are We Religious Fundamentalists?]

[P.S. By the way, can you throw some light on the poem "Death of Angiras"? I understood it has some inner meaning but please tell me whom it is addressed to.
from "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 20 Apr 2009 13:15
The newly launched
IY Fundamentalism website has a page listing Bio Data of writers where that of Angiras, who wrote incisive articles on SCIY, was missing confirming the suspicion that it is a pseudonym. That perhaps prompted RYD to pen a rather premature obituary, which I suppose was meant to taunt.
This is purely my personal impression. So, take it as a satire – with grandiose Deshpandian bombast thrown in - and you can add your bit (of phantasy). TNM]

[Re: This Author must have been from Cambridge--About Style by Tusar N. Mohapatra on Tue 17 Mar 2009 11:54 AM IST Profile Permanent Link
Thanks Auroman, although it’s not clear what you tell in jest and how much in earnest. And, you are yet to make your own opinions explicit, except whatever you have spoken by way of reactions to the reactions over the book. Further, the question of your identity remains.
11:26 AM by auroman on Tue 17 Mar 2009 07:37 PM IST Profile Permanent Link
I understand. You will know in a few weeks. The eremite acts alone and has reasons you will understand later.]

[Thursday, March 22, 2007 An authentic Who’s Who for the Savitri Erans
We have two
D.P. Chattopadhyayas, two Kishor(e) Gandhis, and any number of Mitras and Maitras. It is time someone compiles an authentic Who’s Who for the Savitri Erans incorporating a disambiguation manual. TNM- 2:52 AM Lantana camara 4 Feb 2009]

[September 21-22, 2008. Anirban Tripathy, a lawyer based in Orissa, posts messages on SAICE forum in which he mentions proposed legal action against the book and says that he is in contact with Sraddhalu Ranade in this connection. Evidence of Sraddhalu Ranade’s involvement in legal action koantum Law Suits, Sraddhalu and the Fraternity of Conspiracy Theorists Rich] [Recent Additions Evidence of Sraddhalu Ranade’s involvement in legal action (Added 02 June 09) The Court Cases (Added 02 June 09) Sri Aurobindo: Man or Messiah? EnlightenNext magazine Editor's Blog (Added 03 May 09)]

[Notable Ommissions: Manoj Das Reviews The Lives of Sri Aurobindo - Annotatated by Debashish Banerji from Science, Culture and Integral Yoga™ by Debashish
Manoj Das, recepient of India's most prestigious literary award has penned a short review of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo… himself pepetrates the most notable ommission in the annals of men of letters of all times by forgetting to mention that those he "cannot blame" are actively supporting persecution of the author and book banning.
Savitri Era Open Forum]

[Re: Archetypal Images and Symbols—Paulette's Comment for Posting
Paulette on Fri 29 May 2009 09:06 PM IST
Profile Permanent Link P.S. Are you the same Srikant who posted that article on Gangadharan, the saint so saint that even his servant became a saint?
by Srikanth on Sun 31 May 2009 02:19 AM IST
Profile Permanent Link No, I am not the Srikant that posted the article on gangadhar-ji. Best Wishes.
by RY Deshpande on Tue 02 Jun 2009 03:49 PM IST
Profile Permanent Link
Paulette, where from did you get this information, that Sri Aurobindo’s younger brother Barin committed suicide? and, if so, do you know the date on which he ‘committed suicide’? I checked with the Archives and I’m told that this is entirely wrong. So, I’ll only say that let’s not step into those dirty waters to make our points while discussing serious issues. ~ RYD]

Pseudonym deciphering and mistaken identity can be hazardous. Although no one can snatch away the right of monsieur Anonymous to write, Netizen teasers should have mercy on their readers by sparing them of the trouble of all the while speculating involuntarily. [TNM]

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