Friday, June 19, 2009

Savitri Era Party vs. BJP

[The political Congress disowned in the public domain all that had inspired the freedom movement—the worship of Mother India in “Vande Mataram” of Maharishi Bankimchandra which made thousands to sacrifice their life and youth for the nation’s freedom; the goal of “Ram Rajya” set by Mahatma Gandhi for independent India which inspired millions to follow him; the ideal of “spiritual nationalism” which Swami Vivekananda had articulated as the core of India; the spirit of Sanatana Dharma which Maharishi Aurobindo saw as the very nationalism of India. The failure of the Congress created the need and the space for the Jana Sangh. The Jana Sangh was ideologically no Hindu Mahasabha, which was the pre-independence adversary of the Congress; in fact, it had repudiated Mahasabha’s views. S Gurumurthy BJP fills the ideological space forsaken by Cong‎ - Livemint: Thu, Jun 18 2009. 12:16 AM IST Respond to this column at S. Gurumurthy is a commentator on political and economic issues and a former convenor of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch.]

[RSS itself is an idea, more than merely an organisation. It signifies an alternative socio-economic philosophy. Egalitarianism is the core guiding value for RSS and its affiliates... BJP leaders should do soul searching not only on ideology but also on the image-deficit of its leadership. It should not be a hostage of journalistic thinking, of those whose understanding of the RSS is skin deep. RSS could not be used even by the Hindu Mahasabha in 30’ and 40’s when its leaders Hedgewar and Golwalkar were little-known personalities in comparison to tall Hindu ideologues like VD Savakar, Dr B S Moonje or Bhai Parmananda. Even in 1978-79, the Janata Party faced the dual membership crisis and the demand for dissolution of RSS was raised. RSS remained uncompromising. BJP cannot make any concession on its social philosophy. Its present suffering is a forerunner of a long due ideological and organisational consolidation. Rakesh Sinha Posted: Friday , Jun 19, 2009 at 0131 hrs IST IE » The courage of conviction The writer is associate professor, Delhi University and biographer of RSS founder Dr K.B Hedgewar]

[Sinha is right about one thing though – the BJP-RSS is left of center. The reason for that is not because they have thought about it. It is because they have conceded the debate to the leftist’s. They talk in the language of the left – on terms set by the left. Their objective is to simply be accepted by the left and for the abuse to stop. They do not mind being the lesser devil – as long as they are not called so.It is what happens when you focus on shakha-drill and not enough on developing ideas. It gets you great soldiers– but it does not get you great generals The suicide of Gandhian Socialism
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Savitri Era Party has its ideological moorings set sans any muddle headed peroration.

Karmayogin rolled out of the press on 19th June 1909, a hundred years ago. Savitri Erans carry forward the unfinished agenda. [TNM]

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