Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caustic history

["Jaswant has written a fine book which needs analysing, discussing and debating. He has raised very interesting questions. It's a pity that that the BJP has not read the book and has made a fool of itself," Lord Desai, who was present at the launch of the book, told IANS... Lord Desai said "Jaswant Singh had read everything on partition and the book was detailed and well-documented". BJP has made a fool of itself: Lord Meghnad Desai Economic Times Key excerpts from Jaswant Singh's book Times of India Press Trust of India - Zee News - SamayLive - Wikipedia: Jaswant Singh]

The eerie parallel with Heehs imbroglio is dismaying. [TNM]


  1. Dear Mr Tusar,

    Jaswant's shrewd play of uplifting Jinnah to downgrade Nehru, Patel and the Congres Party seems to have backfired. A cursory look at the situation does give the impression of a eerie parallel. Instead of Lord Desai, we have our own overseas Lord Banerji assailing the acoltyes of Aurobindo for their obstinacy. We must look deeper to see the differences. There are signs of mischief in this book. The Mother had issued several statements cautioning people who wrote biographies. Heehs has always acted as an independent-minded man. He did not come to the Ashram to see the Mother. He came to see Jayantilal for a job in the Archives. He said this himself in his Lodi California talk. You should post Heeh's poem which was already posted on SAICE list "I come not for the Mother but for sex and sensation.. organs and glands...". That will provide another glimpse into this mans character.

  2. Thanks Anon for alighting. Even if we assume that all your statements are true, there are procedures to be followed before someone is declared guilty. Otherwise, yours is just another opinion bereft of any weight.

    The most outrageous aspect is that fair procedures have been brutally flouted in both the cases. And no one is ashamed of the impropriety. This alone sends a shudder down the spine. [TNM]