Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrate the World Union Day in a befitting manner on August 20

[In a post-physical presence of Sri Auorbindo and the Mother, it becomes more imperative to awake to a political aspiration and accept this aspect of social existence as a part of the spiritual growth process. Re: Technology in a Global World by Andrew Feenberg Debashish Tue 18 Aug 2009 10:39 PM PDT]

[The spirituality of which Sri Aurobindo has been the most articulate spokesman in our time respects the freedom of the human soul, because it is fulfilled by freedom; and the deepest meaning of freedom is the power to expand and grow towards perfection by the law of one’s own nature. True spirituality gives freedom to philosophy and science, to man’s seeking for political and social perfection and to all his other powers and terrestrial aspirations. Hindu-Muslim Unity in Sri Aurobindo's Light by Dr. Mangesh Nadkarni
from A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs by Raman Reddy]

[In light of the above analysis, a few crucial questions need to be answered. How is it that all the dreams, mentioned by Sri Aurobindo in his Independence day message, have virtually disappeared from the collective memory of the nation? By Jagmohan The Asian Age Unfulfilled dreams Deccan Chronicle 19 Aug 2009 Jagmohan is a former governor of J&K and a former Union minister]

[World Union is a non-profit, non-political organization founded on the November 26, 1958 in Pondicherry, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's vision of carrying forward a movement for Human Unity, World Peace and Progress on a Spiritual Foundation. For the ordinary humanitarian and religious outlook and motivation are inadequate to meet the demands of the New Age which is already in the process of manifesting under the inevitable programme of the evolutionary nature on earth.
At the instance of
Surendra Mohan Ghosh, Anil Mukherjee along with other prominent persons formed an Association named ‘New World Union’ on the 26th November 1958 in Pondicherry
A. B. Patel joined in May 1959, and then on April 23, 1960 the name was changed to 'World Union' on The Mother's advice. The Mother became the President of the first World Council of World Union on 20 August 1964, and Surendra Mohan Ghosh, the Chairman.
Since then, 20 August is celebrated as World Union Day.
A. B. Patel was the leading figure in the organization for many years, he was succeeded in that role by M. P. Pandit and Samar Basu. World Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia][You have omitted the enthusiasm of Jay Holmes Smith. -Prithwindra Mukherjee 1:24 PM]

Effusive thanks and gratitude to Dr. Banerji for blessing the raison d'être of Savitri Era Party, now in its third year. All are requested to celebrate the World Union Day in a befitting manner on August 20. [TNM]

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