Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heehs ko mazaa nahin aaya

[The word kaminey is not a bad word per se, it is also a word of affection. For example, when a mother tells her son, “Tu bada kamina ho gaya hai, saat mahine se milne nahin aaya apni maa se.” It turns bad when you hear the villain mouthing it and adding a kutte to it. In that sense, kutte kaminey is a gaali. I’ve been using the word kaminey with my friends for years. The other day, Omji (Puri) had come over for tea and just when he was leaving, he told me, “This time I’m going back disappointed.” I asked him the reason and he said, “Ek ghante se baitha hoon aur ek baar bhi aap ne kaminey nahin kaha. Mazaa nahin aaya.” It’s just that this affectionate shade of the word has not been used in poetry till date which is why everyone is making a big deal about it. ::Harneet Singh
Sunday 9 August '09. Gulzar on words, tunes and the works. I am always pushing back the words that come instantly to my mind... Only when you push the common words behind can the new words come ahead. Like the word pyaar, for instance; it has been overused... so you try and bring back the words of the 1940s and substitute it with mohabbat or ulfat.]

Heehs has weathered "Archery" for a whole year. But he must be telling to himself, "Mazaa nahin aaya.” Not a single intelligent and well written critique of the book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo came out. An appalling state of affairs indeed. [TNM]

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