Monday, August 17, 2009

Subversive role of Sri Aurobindo vis-à-vis Hinduism

[Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle in the history of Hindu nation by Radha Rajan released in New Delhi By Pramod Kumar THE term Hindu nation has been misunderstood and misinterpreted in the country. Before the tenth century we were a self-governing nation. more > 6:06 PM] [Radha Rajan recalls Sri Aurobindo
Election 2009: The BJP got what it deserved – IV RSS – unwilling parent Radha Rajan 22 May 2009 7:46 AM 8:39 AM]

[radha rajan: advani's bjp is gandhi's congress jun 24th, 2009 From: Radha If we remove the blinkers from our eyes and study our country's history from around 1890, it strikes us forcefully that the BJP today is Advani's BJP and Advani's BJP is the Gandhi Congress siamese twin. Advani has so emasculated the BJP as Gandhi emasculated the Congress and so despotic is advani's control of the BJP as was Gandhi's despotic control of the Congress that the BJP thinks there is no life beyond and after Advani just as the Congress thought then that there was no life beyond and after Gandhi. Gandhi destroyed Hindu political assertion and Advani is doing the same. 3:45 PM]

[It is my sense that to fashion himself a convenient tool for his politics, Gandhi took the pluralistic Hinduism and gave it a Semitic exclusivistic twist by making ahimsa — or nonviolence — his central creed or dogma. In his hands, Hinduism became a dogmatic religion like Islam, with ahimsa at its center, and Gandhi as the Prophet of ahimsa. Like all prophets he could be tyrannical in imposing his beliefs. This took the form of 'fasts unto death' to gain his ends — a tactic that bordered on blackmail. Gandhi-Enigma By N S Rajaram PART I 5:07 PM 5:52 PM]

[If Gandhi's aim, pace this thesis, was to "recast Hinduism," then the Judeo-Vedic grafting that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have accomplished can be said to be a much more radical step. The problem is that our commentators forget about The Mother’s role in India spanning half a century. TNM 5:52 PM]

[Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle - Radha Rajan, New Age Publishers Pvt Ltd, Delhi, 2009 Price: Rs 495/-To order, call Rima Kar Ghosh at 011- 26493326/27/28 or e-mail Rima at]

Sri Aurobindo, one may say, receives a fair and sympathetic treatment in the recently published Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle by Radha Rajan. But a major lapse of this important book is her "incisive and clear analysis" fails to pin down the subversive role of Sri Aurobindo vis-à-vis Hinduism. [TNM]

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