Thursday, September 17, 2009

Modi is sure to face a Mahabharata

[Modi: Last man standing Ashok Malik, The Asian Age, 16 September 2009
Sept.16 :
In a democracy, every election conveys a parable.... No quantum of deliberate neglect, no amount of philosophical discussion on whether the individual is more important or the organisation, no attempts to limit Mr Modi to the level of just another chief minister, one of three who has won by-elections this week, can take away from the hard reality that the Gujarat chief minister is the ordinary party sympathiser’s leader of choice.
In a BJP where everybody is tripping the next person, Narendra Modi is the Last Man Standing.
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Malik's prescience may be accurate, but that does not nullify his opening "parable" remark. Modi is sure to face a Mahabharata when he finally stakes claim for the PM's chair. And the outcome is beyond human prophecy and agency. [TNM]

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