Saturday, September 12, 2009

Savitri Era Religion solves Ambedkar's dilemma

[Scholars and thinkers on Ambedkar have always wanted to know why he took three decades to convert after announcing in 1936 that he would quit Hinduism. Was he using the conversion ‘threat’ as a political weapon to earn rights for Dalits? Was he ambivalent on the next religion he would embrace? Or was he fearful of something? What was in his mind? Time reproduces this rare conversation between Lewis Oliver Hartman and Dr Ambedkar: “'This much is settled,” he said to me, “we are through forever with Hinduism. We are going somewhere, but are not ready yet to say in what direction. ‘Yes,’ I answered, ‘You are not strong enough yet to announce a decision. If you compromise with the Hindus, all is lost; if you choose Mohammedanism, the Hindus will crush you; if you go Christian, both the Hindus and the Moslems will be on your back.’ ‘Exactly,’ replied Dr Ambedkar, ‘We are not ready — yet.’” Hartman described Ambedkar as the “Untouchable Lincoln”, and Time endorsed his view. Hartman made his prophecy in 1936 when no one could even contemplate that Dr Ambedkar would get to write the Indian Constitution. CHANDRABHAN PRASAD Untouchable Lincoln The Pioneer FORAY Sunday, September 6, 2009]

Savitri Era Religion solves Ambedkar's dilemma. [TNM]

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