Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nation has more nuances than geography

Reading the Sunday TOI's All That Matters was heart wrenching:

  • "Twenty years later: Why the Berlin Wall fell - S A Aiyar Sunday October 25, 2009 We are approaching the 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism. This comprehensively refuted the Communist claim to represent the people... Czech author Milan Kundera says of the Communists, ‘‘They had a grandiose plan, a plan for a brand new world in which everyone would find his place: the creation of an idyll of justice for all. People have always aspired to an idyll, a garden where nightingales sing, a realm of harmony where the world does not rise up as a stranger against man, nor man against other men.’’
    Problem: this supposed paradise was imposed at gun-point."
  • "Weak Opposition and a sad state of affairs The Siege Within M J Akbar Sunday October 25, 2009 Rahul Gandhi is the perfect post-ideological politician. Those who think he is preaching to the choir are missing the point: a significant chunk of the electorate is tired of grand creeds... But disdain for ideology can make you indifferent to ideologues... The strength of nations has more nuances than the single dimension of geography."
  • "No ifs or buts, defeat Maoist violence - Gurcharan Das Sunday October 25, 2009 Arundhati Roy writes seductively. Recently, i picked up her new book, Listening to Grasshoppers, and was mesmerized by her luminous prose but i disagreed profoundly with her conclusion... Like many in the 1960s, i was a Leftist and admired Charu Mazumdar who had founded the Naxalbari movement. Although one belonged to that idealistic middle class generation, i was not tempted to abandon all and join the Maoists. Perhaps, it was because i lived in sensible Bombay rather than Calcutta. "
  • "How the BJP lost the central plot -Swapan Dasgupta Sunday October 25, 2009 the saffron outfit is too narrowly ideological and blessed with too many social angularities and prejudices of ‘Middle India’ to emerge as an alternative common sense. It is often seen to be insufficiently ‘inclusive’ and its appeal is felt to be unduly dependant on a rise in the emotional temperature. In a land of multiple gods and goddesses, the BJP has often conveyed a picture of rigid monotheism. Ashis Nandy has even suggested it is too European for accommodative Hindu tastes."

Aiyar & Akbar, Das & Dasgupta; all four have harped on the theme how ideology matters and a few degrees of deviation can lead us astray. Savitri Era Party firmly supports their sentiments and arguments. [TNM]

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