Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are a compelling benchmark

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are a compelling benchmark. Their words and action constitutes a decidedly reliable guidance in charting out a course for a fulfilling life. The life’s journey is no longer a mere medley of passions but trudges toward an enviable destination. This sense of transformation of the routine life into a meaningful one, in fact, works wonders.

Human life, at its core however, is an embodied one. The meandering itinerary from cradle to grave proceeds from moment to moment, from footmark to footmark. The frail body harboring a tenuous life-breath encounters shipwrecks, tsunamis, and super-cyclones. Not only physically, but also in the emotional landscape; whereupon the faith wavers, the grip dwindles.

Alternative ontologies come forward to cash in on the situation. They promise easy amelioration and swift rehabilitation. Many well-heeled brands proclaim their disdain for anything beyond this observable world. Wealth creation and march of technology is sought to be the creed. Some others peddle astrology, numerology etc. by posturing acquaintance with the galaxies. The individual is taken in at times and realizes his folly after a long detour.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, therefore, insist on steadfastness. This is secured in two ways: devotional loyalty and rational conviction. The former method can be intense and sovereign, but susceptible to occasional coup. Rational conviction, on the other hand, is deduced from a coherent ontology. Built brick by brick with logic; love and loyalty lend the cementing.

The temptation to make do with a manageable ontology is always there. Folk songs and film dialogues, parables and proverbs are a rich source of ontological propositions which appeal to the sentiments. Friendly conversations often turn ontological battle grounds reflecting ideological tussle. Sticking to the right ontology, therefore, is the challenge. [TNM]

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