Monday, December 28, 2009

As if our path were a religion

25 Dec 2009 by bhavana Now, i’ve been living in Auroville India for the last 35 years, which is trying to build a city which will not need money, not need laws, because the citizens of that city will have a consciousness which understands the Whole first, and perceives personal interests in that context. Unfortunately, we the citizens of that city are not yet established in that wholistic state of consciousness, and our efforts to do without money and without laws are thwarted by the prevailing mind-set not only in the world but also within ourselves, in our own mental habits and limitations. What has held us together and with the project (a project which UNESCO endorsed in its beginning and celebrates on its 40th birthday), is a spiritual vision. Not a religious orthodoxy, but a vision of a new consciousness prevailing on the planet.]
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Deeply true, and one way or the other positive developments follow. But what about those who have no idea of yoga, that the ultimate goal of yoga is abiding oneness with the Self – then only the specificity of the Integral, Supramental Yoga may commence? People mistaking yoga (or not even trying to use the word) as some kind of commodity, where there is no effort, no self-discipline, no work to harmonise one’s conflicting parts around the leadership of the psychic being, no facing one’s darkest aspects and impossibilities to work them out, calling for the Mother’ force to do the sadhana – brushing away with a single stroke all that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have taught us? 
This third category is the one that turns to Mother’s pictures and relics and plays with them with a hollow heart, using them as if our path were a religion; unaware that the psychic being is its own master and doesn’t need outer paraphernalia and crutches. The Mother has taught us the language of flowers as the royal way to the emergence of the psychic being. This is all that we need. The Mother is in our inner heart. Paulette Reply]

While Bhavana seems to be humble and honest to acknowledge the shortcomings, Paulette goes ballistic against "People mistaking yoga" and puts them condescendingly in the "third category." such supercilious posturing is better avoided. [TNM]  

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