Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chairman of parliamentary party and Chairman of a Company

[Split offices of chairman, CEO, govt tells India Inc Times of India - Pankaj Doval - ‎Dec 21, 2009
The proposal to separate offices of the chairman and CEO is considered tricky for Indian industry as most listed companies are controlled by promoters, ...

Ministry moots separating CEO, chairman's role Daily News & Analysis - Vivek Seal - ‎Dec 21, 2009
The ministry has suggested that offices and roles of chairman and chief executive officer should be separated to promote balance of power. ... The ministry has also suggested that an individual may not remain an independent director in a company for more than six years.]
[BJP idea: Formalise Advani, Sonia status Indian Express - ‎Dec 22, 2009
Senior BJP leader LK Advani quit as Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha last week to become the Chairman of its parliamentary party. ... A new role for Advani Express Buzz - ‎Dec 21, 2009‎ There is, however, a qualitative difference between Sonia and Advani. Sonia is the power behind the throne. Advani is being seen as a “mentor”.]
I am increasingly convinced that the existence of the Senate is the greatest single obstacle to social justice in the United States, even moreso now that it has compounded its anti-democratic character and adopted a de facto supermajority requirement for all legislation. In the ideal world, not only would the Senate be abolished, but so would their logical presupposition: quasi-sovereign “states.” If I were given the ability to write a new constitution for the US, I would eliminate the concept of states altogether and turn them into flexible administrative units whose borders were periodically redrawn.]

There is an urgent need for a re-look at the Indian Constitution and rethink on the idea of nation and its administration. [TNM]

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