Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Professional training does not suffice

[As the crisis gathered momentum in the last few years, I realized that all my readings in theories of globalization, Marxist analysis of capital, subaltern studies, and postcolonial criticism over the last twenty-five years, while enormously useful in studying globalization, had not really prepared me for making sense of this planetary conjuncture within which humanity finds itself today... If, indeed, globalization and global warming are born of overlapping processes, the question is, How do we bring them together in our understanding of the world? The Climate of History: Four Theses by Dipesh Chakrabarty - Posthuman Destinies]

[My problem is that my training as an analyst does not suffice to unlock the riddle of existence. While I believe that Freudian subconscious is the source of our biological and atavistic drives, I cannot also ignore the mystic’s description of the superconscious as the source of our highly evolved impulses. This means that one suffers not only from the repression of one’s biological drives but also can suffer from suppression of the sublime (Reddy, 1988).
This also means that to increase my repertory of counseling skills, I need a framework of reference where the subconscious and the superconscious are both accommodated in their proper places. This pursuit leads me to search for a model of Integral Psychotherapy (90). Soumitra Basu, Consciousness and its transformation 10:42 AM 9:44 PM]

The geographical contours of globalization and global warming are, obviously, too constricted to permit any holistic understanding of their dynamics and implications. [TNM]

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