Monday, December 14, 2009

Sharm for Ashram

[Alok Pandey’s Reply to "The Larger Issues behind the The Lives of Sri Aurobindo Controversy"
For all Ashram related matters, it is obviously the Ashram Trust that enjoys the full authority. For PED (Physical Education Dept of the Ashram) matters, it is the PED that decides, and so also for most departments. There is no doubt about this. That is why the Ashram inmates welcomed the PED decision whereas they remained silent (though somewhat sorrowfully) at the decision of the Trust. at
8:05 PM]

The PED decision as regards the book is patently ultra vires and Alok Pandey’s attempt to rationalize it is laughable. When Pandey himself vents his complains against the Trustees in public, no one is going to believe in his all-is-well verdict. "The Ashram as an institution" would do well to plug its systemic loopholes as early as possible in order to avoid further embarrassment. [TNM]


  1. Who the hell does Alok Pandey thinks he is? Who gave him the authority to speak for the Ashram as a whole? Since when did he (and Raman Reddy and Sraddhalu) decide they are voice of the Ashram? What is their real agenda??? The sooner the world finds out the dubiousness of these people, the better for Sri Aurobindo's work...

  2. As to work, I agree Sri Aurobindo would be much better of for His Work minus Alok Pandey and all others. But what to do perhaps He has a sense of humor and knows a little better than all of us that He keeps pushing us to it.

    But who is this ambiguous character dubiously named VD. In medicine it is a disease and a bad one, like this name it remains in the hiding. At least we have the courage to speak out with our names and stick out our necks where our Mr Vd comes in suddenly with a 'who the hell' comment and no better. Have a heart man. Speak out your name at least if you are worth one. At least have the courage to acknowledge yourself.

  3. Alok said: "[Sri Aurobindo] keeps pushing us to [do his work.]"

    Hmmm....Alok, I am no rooter for Heeh's book, but man, looks like you have some issues too...

    "[Sri Aurobindo] keeps pushing us to [do his work.]" Not safe, I say.

    Pick something nasty from your physician's handbook, but I will remain anonymous too. Not lack of courage, but unwillingness to "enter the fray", since I feel less apocalyptic about the whole thing than you chaps do and enjoy my solitude in all this madness...

    Goodluck on your way.


  4. whoever this vd is, has no courage to give his full name and that is why he is hiding.