Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome wizard

[In the first Navayana annual lecture series, Žižek shall deliver two talks
in Delhi (4 and 5 Jan), and one each in Hyderabad (7 Jan) and Kochi (9 Jan):
4 Jan 2010. 5 p.m. Lecture “Ideology in the Post-ideological World: The Case of Hollywood”

Sarai-CSDS. 29 Rajpur Road, Civil Lines, Delhi
5 Jan 2010. 7 p.m. Lecture “Tragedy and Farce”
Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
7 Jan 2010. 11 a.m. Lecture “Capitalism and Particular Life-Worlds: In Defense of Universalism”
ICSSR Auditorium, English & Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
9 Jan 2010. 5 p.m. Lecture and Panel Discussion “Whither Left?”
Town Hall, Kochi. For details and further information on the Žižek tour contact S. Anand at

We welcome the wizard of philosophy to India who has successfully wrested the discourse from the likes of Wilber. [TNM]

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