Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aurofilio is a die-hard supporter of Peter Heehs and has access to Archives

from     Tusar N. Mohapatra to Jitendra Sharma date            13 January 2010 19:34 subject         Re: Is Aurofilio a CIA agent?

I am not aware of your stand on Heehs’ book. Aurofilio may or may not be “a die-hard supporter of Peter Heehs,” but this post, I gather, is in defence of Heehs’ book urging a more rational reception of it. So far so good.

As regards the concluding paragraph, it’s surely a bit rhetorical (which commonly happens in the flow of writing), but it’s difficult to attribute the inference you draw. He might have come in contact of people who he thought were “under-cover agents” but nothing can be said unless he discloses something concrete. [TNM]


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    Dear Sir,
    Is Mother’s great grandson Aurofilio working under the threat of CIA to destroy the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? Aurofilio, a die-hard supporter of Peter Heehs has access to Sri Aurobindo’s Archives Department since many years. His recent comment in SAICE Yahoo! Group reads thus: […]