Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Philosophy under hammers

[It’s just like when realists think Latour is an evil social constructionist, while social constructionists think he’s an evil reactionary realist. I mention Latour because, even though he doesn’t like Husserl either, he and Husserl have many points in common. They are two of the great non-reductionist philosophers of the past century, insofar as they both leave room for vast hordes of imaginary things to enter philosophy. (But in fact, both of them unfortunately do retain some traces of reductionism: Husserl is in fact an idealist who reduces hammers to their possible accessibility to consciousness, and Latour is in fact a relationist who reduces hammers to the ways in which they transform, modify, perturb, or create other things. But there is enough anti-reductionism in both of them to fuel a revolution.) part 2 of 2 to Deontologistics from Object-Oriented Philosophy ]

A sure fire formula to untangle philosophy so that it is decomposed beyond recognition. [TNM]

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