Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ashramites are requested to elect a new chief

The rot was but to show up; and it did. Clinching evidence was needed; and it arrived on a platter. The crime is out in the open; the conspiracy is no longer an alleged “theory” but a fact fully exposed for everyone to see.

Darshan Day message card is a uniquely tenuous physical link between the Masters and the devotees. Whoever is responsible for the desecration of the message and the sacred occasion must own up and receive reprimand.

Using the message card as a pamphlet for political propaganda is a daringly subversive act. It is a sure sign of a take over attempt of the Ashram administration by devious means. Moreover, demoralizing the devotees by mocking the “theatrical” Darshan is the objective. Exhorting them to exercise their “freedom” (from the queue) is the motive.

Manoj Das Gupta didn’t care to reply to RY Deshpande, but is silently aiding the Banerji brigade to whip up the fundamentalism bogey. The message card episode has unequivocally proved that Das Gupta has become an impotent cipher unable to protect the hallowed institution that he heads.

The book affair concerned academics and hence could garner the benefit of doubt. Whereas, the message card incident appears to be just the tip of a much larger conspiracy. There is every reason to believe that a concerted effort is on to sow the seeds of discord and suspicion in the minds of the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. That it is being executed at the behest of rival organized religions cannot be ruled out.

Savitri Era Party requests all devotees to intensify vigilance. Ashramites are requested to elect a new chief in a requisitioned meeting. [TNM] 

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