Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ask everyone to just unite and not quarrel

[Mr Tusar, I am a follower of the works of Sri Aurobindo and was hoping to visit the ashram soon and learn more about him. But there are so many controversies going on about the ashram on the internet that I am find it hard to feel motivated to go here.
Do you mind getting rid of political discussions like this from your blog?  It shows up on a google search. Could you also please ask everyone to just unite and not quarrel - after all Sri Aurobindo is a high thinker - it reflects badly about the Ashram when you guys take political stances like this.
I don't really care about who Shraddhalu Ranade is or who Heehs is. Thank you
Ashish Pujari] 

I am afraid, I can’t concede to your request of avoiding “political discussions” pertaining to certain individuals involved with the management of the Ashram at the apex level. Visiting the Ashram and Auroville as a devotee has nothing to do with all this. Thanks for writing, and through dialogue, I hope, things will change. [TNM]  


  1. I see a point in what has been said by Ashish.

  2. Ashish, you better visit Ashram. There is nothing of this sort for the people who visit. The atmoshere is really nice.