Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Even marketing is yoga

Posted on February 19, 2010 by Sandeep
When we become good at some work, we become attached to that success.  The businessman wants to continue building new businesses, the scientist wants to keep inventing new ideas and the sportsman wants to keep competing and winning.   This bond  of attachment has to be broken.  The Yogin must be willing to engage in any activity necessary at the present moment without hesitation and full concentration.
We work with the expectation that the future will be better.  Within our heart, we tie our hopes to some event in the future which will bring us joy and we live in fervent desire of fulfilling that joyful event.   The Yogin has to live in the Timeless!]

[Purpose of business from The Big Picture by T T Ram Mohan
FT columnist, Michael Skapinker, introduces a slight wrinkle to Drucker's definition. He says businesses, no less than people, crave for respect. He says that is what banks lost in the present crisis although here he confuses respect with trust. He says businesses exist in order to make profit and serve customers by doing things they can be proud of…  creating customers and making profit so that people who do these things have a sense of pride and well-being.]

[Individuality cannot be dissociated from the pursuit of a disinterested object, The Promise of American Lives - Heroic Individualism in the Writings of Herbert Croly, Kevin C. Murphy, Columbia University “A man achieves individual distinction, not by the enterprise and vigor with which he accumulates money, but by the zeal and the skill with which he pursues an exclusive interest – an interest usually, but not necessarily connected with his means of livelihood.” 1:12 PM ]

Even marketing is an art form. I’ve created a whole new phenomenon of how to market. And I am not defensive about that. I do market my work… There’s nothing wrong with it! But the substance that I am offering, if it was nothing, then it wouldn’t last even ten years.]

Even marketing is a form of yoga. [TNM]

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