Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gitanjali JB is not the representative and voice of all devotees

[‘Songs are part of the script, not separate from the film’ - Aamir Khanbut in the end, it is the team that finally ends up making a film. Nobody is above the film, not even an actor.]

“We are,” wrote Gitanjali JB recently to Manoj Das Gupta, “engaged with Columbia University Press (CUP) regarding the withdrawal of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo from all channels of sales and distribution.” As a devotee when she went to court because the book bruised her sentiments, it’s perfectly fair. But her campaigning in public for its withdrawal cannot go uncontested.

Savitri Era Party has been consistent in its demand that the book be allowed to be published in India. The corollary is that it refuses to accept Gitanjali JB as the representative and voice of all devotees and followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, which she tacitly attempts to establish through her letter.

Darshan Day Messages are next to sacred to all of us. Debashish Banerji approvingly posting the context of the message at Posthuman Destinies stokes suspicion as it is widely known that Manoj Das Gupta is acting hand in glove with him. [TNM]

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