Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Opportunity, prosperity, and migration are drawing fresh contours of diversity

Political turmoil in India today displays various facets: Telangana on region, Marathi on language, Terrorism on religion, Maoism on ideology etc. These are legitimate political standpoints that are engaged in a trial of strength within a democracy. The role of mainstream political parties is to question their USP and decimate them by weaning away their supporters. Here we find absolute bankruptcy. Sonia’s foreign tag and Manmohan’s nominated status are serious handicaps to pursue any bold initiative sincerely. Other parties are busy safeguarding their existence and timidity is rampant.

Debate is at jeopardy due to collusion of business with politics as well as media. This in itself is well within the democratic parameters of free trade and cannot be questioned. What is required instead is suitable mechanisms to counter and overpower such debilitating tendencies. The latter, ideally, should generate from the public sphere of a civil society offering a robust resistance. But the general experience is that such efforts are too scattered, feeble and elitist. Examples of noble intentions degenerating into vested interests are also not uncommon.

Savitri Era Party seeks to bridge this gap and remedy such lacuna. Indian politics, before fully recovering from the impact of colonialism, is grappling with multiple dimensions of the perceived menace of globalization. Opportunity, prosperity, and migration are drawing fresh contours of diversity thus confusing and destabilizing old affiliations and affections. Such a scenario stimulates breaking forth from the past and shedding meaningless embellishments yoked to culture and tradition.  Inculcating a modern outlook at the moment, therefore, is the need of the hour, and only Savitri Era Party is equipped with such a perspective. [TNM]

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