Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Satprem's twist

The impatience that Satprem infused into his prose and the project of new species imparts a major twist to the teachings of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo. His admirable Adventure of Consciousness, of course, has acquired almost a foundational text status, and is a mandatory read. His post-Agenda publications, however, fail to display the same level of fidelity and fall on the verge of propaganda.

The protagonist role that he played (or so, the impression his books convey) ensued partly from his victimhood (concentration camp as well as eviction from Ashram) which helped accentuate the dramatic appeal of his overall message. The hurry and the fury he rallied for his publishing as well as marketing amidst adversity is, nonetheless, commendable.

Satprem, despite his messianic zeal, is yet to regain the stature that he deserves as the recipient of The Mother’s trust so consistently. Mother’s Agenda too, all said and done, can never recover from the taint that accrued while first coming out of the press. [TNM]

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