Friday, February 26, 2010

Straying out of our comfort zone is a strategic priority

What is of further interest here is that this notion of "prototype" occurs in other mystical writings.
1) Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine states that the astral prototype of man preceded his physical appearance. After the physical form appeared, it became subject to the processes of differentiation (i.e. Darwinian evolution.)
2) And see Carlos Castaneda in his book "Fire from Within" Page 261-269. Here Don Juan talks of the "mold of man" which is the same as the prototype. The native Americans were occult experts !] 

[I can also say the same for Nietzsche's philosophy and for the intriguing possibilities of the "shamanism" described by Carlos Castaneda and his confederates, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau. So, while I am none of these things really, there is also a sense in which I feel I am also all of them and more besides. I am also attracted by "the Eastern Nietzsche" Sri Aurobindo's "Integral Yoga". by longsword on Sat 07 Mar 2009 9:47 AM, 10:23 AM]

Seeking security in the routines of life: In the chaos of life, we seek security by engaging in familiar routines.  We prefer to have lunch, dinner and other social chores at fixed times with fixed people.  There is energy locked up in our routines which has to be unlocked.  The Yogin must learn to adapt and live in the moment.   Carlos Castaneda calls this procedure ‘Disrupting the routines of life’
Seeking security in one’s identity and roots: Faced with a competitive and uncertain world, we take refuge in a superficial identity construct.  (“I am from here, my family has roots there, my brother is like that, my mother is like this, I went to this great school, I belong to this great religion, this is my sun sign, I am from this country, and so on and so forth”).  The Yogin’s sole identity rests in his/her soul and that is what one has to find; all false identities have to discarded.  Carlos Castaneda refers to this as ‘Erasing Personal history’ (Journey to Ixtlan — The Lessons of Don Juan)]

The Jung war ended too soon. Sandeep has brought in Castaneda which should incite a fresh bout. Himanshu Damle probes linkages between Speculative Realism and Sri Aurobindo's thought. Others won’t leave us in peace; that is for certain. Just as self-reliance is unthinkable without trade, persisting with friendly contests is also essential. Ironical as it is, straying out of our comfort zone is a strategic priority, the hazard of distraction or dilution notwithstanding. 

Swatantra Party and several Socialist Parties merged to form Bharatiya Lok Dal, which, in turn, merged with Bharatiya Jana Sangh and other Congress factions to form the Janata Party. If political ideologies can undergo such amalgamation in the real world, disparate ontological formulations too can successfully be shuffled within the panoptic paradise of the thought of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. [TNM]  

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