Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ashram is the Mecca of Savitri Era Religion

Another gem from Banerji is, “I'm not one of these people who hold that the Ashram is a ‘destined’ place of some kind.” This remark, of course, relates to the Ashram as a colony and individual choice.

But if we look at Sri Aurobindo Ashram as the Mecca of Savitri Era Religion, then it is difficult to agree with Banerji. Apart from being a round the year tourist attraction, the Ashram casts a spell on devotees on a dozen annual occasions to converge there. The lure of Auroville too adds to the numbers. Mamata Banerjee, responding to popular demand, announced a new direct train to Puducherry recently, whereas Debashish Banerji, regrettably, pretends to be deaf.

In view of this, the modest courtyard which contributed incredible books like The Life Divine and Savitri to the world can never lose its signal significance.  [TNM]  

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