Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogs dissolve ego-blocks

The Earth had to slog for over four billion years to devise blog. This incredible means of instant publishing has rewritten the old etiquettes of editorial protocol and prestige. Domains of most newspapers and journals now have a mandatory channel for blogs. Google has a separate search facility exclusively for the blogs and dedicated bloggers are growing by the day.

The reach of the blogs, nevertheless, is minimal considering the world population and the digital divide. The content of a tiny blog is literally a drop in the ocean and it is easy to sink without leaving a trace. But the same probability at its other extreme can work wonders. Quality content do get noticed and by those who need it. Consistency can carry one to the upper zones of a search page.

The teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have not reached a substantial number of people. Persistent effort is necessary to make them available to those who have not heard their names.  All devotees are requested to initiate a blog towards this purpose. Uploading a few lines regularly will enhance our visibility as well as viability.   

Raman Reddy writing, “I admit that most of us Indian disciples of Sri Aurobindo need to awaken our intellects” is a matter worth pondering over. SELF Group Blogs have been active in spreading this message over the Internet for quite a while.

E-mail clubs like SAICE Yahoo Group and Auroconf are underground affairs and hence one doesn’t get to read what transpires in their hallowed discussions. But not many are participating in blog comment threads offered in the public domain. One may guess that many feel either too superior or are shy and lack confidence. It is desirable to get over both these attitudes. [TNM]

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