Saturday, March 27, 2010

Common faith

[Some Creative Messiness, Please - Edit Page - Opinion - Home - The  Times of India 19 Mar 2010  Neat, prosperous and liveable, Singapore yet needs a grand story to tell ... 
Singapore politicians, city planners, architects, educators and think-tankers aspire to make the city a hi-tech global hub of trade and commerce that competes with Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, a goal that is not difficult to achieve. But to become a great centre for the arts and culture, like New York or London, Singapore needs unbridled freedom of speech and expression, and some tolerance for the creative messiness that accompanies it. It is freedom of speech in all its manifestations that enables a nation to generate an abiding grand narrative or a myth that binds its people. Today Singapore is a very neat, prosperous and liveable city. It is free from civic violence but its civic life is dull. The city-state has no great heroes. It has no grand story to tell the world. (The writer is professor, communication and diplomacy, Norwich University, US.)

Ashram’s grand narrative or myth that binds its people is faith and not freedom of speech. [TNM]

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