Friday, March 26, 2010

A critical edition in several volumes

from        Tusar N. Mohapatra  to Satheesh S  date             26 March 2010 20:42 subject Re: Drawing one’s own conclusions and imposing them on othersthe case of one Mr. RYD.
Dear Satheesh,

Many may agree with you that the current edition is the most authentic reproduction/restoration of Savitri, but the wind of a sentimental longing for the earlier edition(s) has been blowing for the last many years. I’d prefer not to scoff at the latter nor resort to depicting it pejoratively.

Once the copyright is rescinded and multiple editions land in the market, devotees would be free to choose as per their liking. But a critical edition in several volumes furnishing alternative readings and sequence of emendations will be the ultimate venture. [TNM]   

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