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[Thekkedy leeches « Grow Your Own Gorgeousness By Bethan Stritton February 26, 2010
Four days ago we left Auroville and travelled east to the Ghat mountains to a hill-station called Kodai. Many of the wealthier Aurovillian children come to a boarding school in Kodai and it was because of their fond words about the place that we decided to go. 9:22 AM]

Tourists bring 'Bharat Tirth' trains to Tamil Nadu Times of India
In addition to luring more tourists to Tamil Nadu, the railway budget has also announced trains connecting 
Howrah with Puducherry. Mamata Banerjee, in her speech mentioned that Aurobindo Ashram was the reason for introducing trains from West Bengal to the Union territory. “Several people travel from West Bengal to Chennai to visit Aurobindo Ashram. Now, they can travel direct to Punducherry,” said a railway official.  2:25 PM]

100 years after Sri Aurobindo’s voyage to Puducherry, a direct train from Howrah made economic sense. The nexus between commerce and Integral Yoga should see leaps in the coming years. But why Integral Education lags behind and children from Auroville have to go to Kodaikanal is difficult to fathom. Well, the commercial dimension is entirely welcome. [TNM]

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