Sunday, March 28, 2010

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This is an illustration of the fact that not only has socialism in India failed as an economic ideology, it has also failed in Politics. Whereas Nehru and Gandhi were mass politicians in their own right, Chacha Manmohan is a backroom boy. From the backrooms, they try and remote-control politics – keep out the liberals and libertarians; maintain the BJP as the only alternative, a darker shade of black; deify casteism and reservations as appropriate policy responses; and keep on with the PSUs, including Air India; while turning all the attention on stupid issues like employment guarantees and “education.” …
Thus, the only solution to the country’s immense woes is to extend liberalism to Politics itself. There must be a Politics in India that speaks the language of Private Property, of Voluntary Exchange, and of a Rule of Law under these principles. This is a Politics that can have a civilizing effect on the nation and achieve a great purpose – achieve a new moral consensus in the land. Then only can there be peace and harmony.]

[No more reservations Sunday 28 March '10  IE »  Columnist » Tavleensingh»
Whichever way I say this, it is going to sound wrong in these politically correct times, so  I am going to say it straight out. We must stop all reservations...
In this column two weeks ago, I pointed out that reserving 190 seats for women in the Lok Sabha would weaken Parliament. I am happy to see from your letters that most of you agree with me but, unfortunately, we can do nothing because there are not enough people who are willing to stand up and be counted.] 

Writing a passionate blog post or a newspaper column or being engaged in animated discussion about the state of the nation is not enough. Join Savitri Era Party to give shape to your concern for the country. [TNM]

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