Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kripalized disaster

Nagesh Rao, Dec 23, 2009
"How is the US different from India?" i am often asked. As a scholar of communication, my first impulse is to answer with deep theoretical insights. As i reflect, i realise that the most interesting comparisons are in our day-to-day experiences. Let us, for fun and learning, compare an American Christian wedding with an Indian Hindu wedding…
I could have told you how Americans are generally linear, direct and explicit in their thinking. And how Indians are often circular, indirect and implicit in their ways of life. We learn so much more about the same ideas when we unpack and compare our day-to-day experiences, like a wedding… The writer is an associate professor in the department of communication & journalism, University of New Mexico.]

We expected a “linear, direct and explicit” biography from Heehs. But he conjured a Kripalized disaster, alas! [TNM]   

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