Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Life Divine, like Savitri, is not an organic whole

[In a letter to Motilal Roy from June of 1914, he wrote:
a new philosophical review with Richard and myself as Editors — the Arya, which is to be brought out in French and English, two separate editions, — one for France, one for India, England and America. In this Review my new theory of the Veda will appear as also translation and explanation of the Upanishads, a series of essays giving my system of Yoga and a book of Vedantic philosophy (not Shankara's but Vedic Vedanta) giving the Upanishadic foundations of my theory of the ideal life towards which humanity must move. You will see so far as my share is concerned, it will be the intellectual side of my work for the world.[2]]

[The Arya was advertised as "a review of pure philosophy"[4] with a twofold object:
A systematic study of the highest problems of existence.
The formation of a synthesis of knowledge, harmonizing the diverse religious traditions of humanity, occidental as well as oriental.[5]
The method of the review was described as one of "realism, at once rational and transcendental; a realism consisting in the unification of intellectual and scientific discipline with those of intuitive experimentation."[6]]

[Aim of the "Arya": "To feel out for the thought of the future, to help in shaping its foundations and to link it to the best and most vital thought of the past." (Sri Aurobindo in "Our Ideal" in 'Arya' 15 August 1915)]

The Life Divine, like Savitri, is not an organic whole and cannot be delinked from its past. It germinated on March 29, 1914 and grew leaf by leaf, i.e. chapter by chapter every month ending in a long interregnum. Picked up again, was revised, enlarged with eight chapters cast aside and published, the volume-2 after a year’s gap. Not to forget its ten different pre-1914 drafts. The Life Divine is the nucleus around which massive discourse will be woven like an expanding galaxy.

Vikas and Akash have the potential of making a good duo like Banerji & Carlson. They know their subject with matching grip on expression. A few longer pieces can turn them more confident and creative rather than the reactive profile that runs currently. A similar collaborative enterprise between Kepler and Auroman could mark a quantum leap. [TNM]

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