Saturday, March 27, 2010

Much more is at stake than the book

“The real issue is neither the court cases nor the internet blogs, but the book written by one Mr PH who has stolen the material entrusted to him,” writes Alok Pandey. He is right, but it should also be appreciated that the court cases weakened the moral stand. It implies incapability of resolving matters within the organization or the community. Heehs was able to garner the sympathy of the fence sitters just by claiming victim hood because of the cases.

It also exposed lack of vigilance as resistance was mobilized after three months of the release of the book. And it defies logic why Indians should be deprived of reading a book when no such bar is there for Americans and others.

Further, the probability of a favorable verdict from the court is not guaranteed. It can go either way. And this is purely a procedural matter. As is clear now, much more is at stake than the book. Das Gupta’s yoga with power and position is complete. He won’t leave the chair as long as his minions sing his choir, and this is ruining the institution. In such a situation, it would be instructive to reread the century-old doctrine of passive resistance. [TNM]  

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