Thursday, March 11, 2010

No authentic version of truth is available as of now

Reliance upon technical charts of stock indices by hard nosed analysts is a modern day paradox. This is analogical to the proverbial drowning man clutching at a straw in the face of future uncertainty. As the stock prices swing over human emotion variables like greed and fear, some level of pattern perhaps makes sense. Though far more irrational than tangible factors like demand and supply, the greed and fear grid thrives as a dependable tool.  

The notion of god too is anchored to man’s greed and fear which are critical to his perpetual struggle for survival. History, evolution, and progress are highly complex subjects and all probing thus far have failed to provide satisfactory answers. Let’s be candid to admit that the pronouncements of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo too fall in the above category, and a very small number of us ‘believe’ in them just because they are the most coherent and seem logically plausible. 

Within ourselves also, as the web discussions testify, we harbor serious differences of opinion as regards the ontological spokes of the cosmos. Sedimented notions resist imbibing newer info, and no authentic version of truth is available as of now. Humility and curiosity, therefore, are the pure sentiments to nurture even while grappling with fear and greed. [TNM]

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