Monday, March 15, 2010

Romanticism of postmodernism

[DANIEL GUSTAV ANDERSON, METRO DC, VA, UNITED STATES, POSTED BY DGA AT 8:29 AM: Steven Nickeson's essay celebrating sensualism (and excoriating the integral studies planet for its constipation), repeats a common misperception that must be put to rest:
Matthew Dallman, whose essays I generally appreciate, lacks the Wilberian sized fan base but wants to re-educate the masses back into an unconditioned veneration of the Canon of Western Humanities so as to liberate it from the Pomo running dogs of Euro-American Critical Theory and their stooges from Cultural Studies. This is a cabal that Wilber regularly excoriates but in Dallman’s mind Wilber is one of the worst offenders—tense times.]

[by auroman on Thu 11 Mar 2010 05:19 AM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
I learn for the fun of it rather than to be erudite and it seems to me that Post-modernism can be a little like Buddhism because by questioning and negating everything, it induces a state of aporia (Nirvana) in which the whole world begins to feel unreal. All thoughts seem equal, all values seem the same, all people feel similiar...] 

[by Kepler on Thu 11 Mar 2010 08:57 AM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
Re postmodernism, I agree it can, given a certain approach to it, convey a type of benefit. It points to inherent limitations of the mind and of mental reasoning – possibly invoking a kind of negative samata toward all thinking - as you suggest.] 

Postmodernism’s reception is widely contested, and justifiably so. Production of such a vast body of literature, harnessing nuanced variations of syntax and semantics, within a span of half a century is a signal event in the history of humanity. Disagreements over the thought currents and their consequences arise depending upon the quantum of one’s acquaintance. The questions, all said and done, will continue to be debated for a very long time to come, and the poetic beauty they secrete will remain a never ending source for all romantic hearts. [TNM]

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