Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Savitri averted

from       Tusar N. Mohapatra to            Satheesh S date           17 March 2010 16:36 subject             Re: Drawing one’s own conclusions and imposing them on others: the case of one Mr. RYD.
Dear Satheesh,

I have published your letter although nothing of the sort was indicated. That you have applied your mind and cared to speak out is indeed welcome. The issue, you would appreciate, is complex with a long & undulating history and only the surface has been scratched so far.

RYD has taken a categorical stand, and he is rightfully entitled to it. He represents one pole, let’s say. Others can come out with theirs. The controversy can’t simply be pushed under the carpet for long, nor can it be supposed that the current edition is final.

Be that as it may, your criticism appeared to me a tad harsh. Hope, you think about it all over again. [TNM]

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