Friday, March 19, 2010

Trust is only a convenient legal fiction

[Interrogating the ashram Indian Express Tridip Suhrud Friday , Mar 19, 2010
Remember the mystic yogi Sri Aurobindo. His yogic sadhana was both a political and a spiritual act… as communities these were essentially dialogic spaces…They were transparent institutions. They recognised that as public institutions, they were beyond the realm of private property and personal inheritance…
The organisation is suspicious of all public scrutiny, including that by police. They are dismissive of all pleas for openness and their conduct was unbecoming of spiritual seekers.
One suspects that one possible reason for the closed nature of these institutions arises out of its relation with land and property. Here spiritual powers and wealth are both seen as a matter of private ownership, which can be passed on and inherited by a member of the family. Trust in this sense is only a convenient legal fiction.
The idea of the saint is too beautiful and evocative to be eroded by the transgressions of a few figures bearing that name. But these movements collectively have eroded the idea of the ashram as an open, dialogic, experimental space devoted to the pursuit of truth.]

Das Gupta should wake up before media scrutiny makes the matter worse for him. [TNM]

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