Monday, April 05, 2010

Any one can claim that he is a practitioner of Integral Yoga

Any one can claim that he is a practitioner, as the so-called Integral Yoga community has no system of admission. As far as freedom is concerned, this is remarkably ideal. But if this laxity becomes the breeding ground for black sheep, then it becomes a cause for anxiety. No nation, no religion, no organization, no company, or no party can run without an exit policy.

Long years of association or distinguished past service do not define the present. A person can turn hostile or unreasonable at any point. Appropriate measures, if delayed, can lead to long-term conflict and loss of creativity. So, if someone’s action is hurting the common interest, then he must be shown the door.

But how to do that, and who’ll do it? These are purely procedural matters and every incorporation document contains provisions for such eventualities. But in an imaginary construct like the Integral Yoga community this becomes inapplicable. The crucial question, how to deal with a person who harms the lager interest, then, remains unresolved. [TNM] 

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