Monday, April 05, 2010

Deep rupture within the Ashram

It was relatively easy to commemorate April 4; some celebration and some familiar peroration. But how to visualize the same date in the future, say April 4, 2044? That offers a greater challenge and impetus for chasing targets.

It is an irony that the centenary celebration was held when a deep rupture has been exposed within the Ashram. There is nothing clandestine about it now; everything is out in the open. If the present state of affairs lingers any further, then it would bring bad name to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. The reputation of thousands of institutions and selfless workers will be tarnished.

There is no particular reason why the situation cannot be remedied. It is a question of a handful of persons. Heaven will not fall if they are replaced. Periodical changes and infusion of fresh blood is vital for the health of any institution. Then only future projections can be made and modalities drawn for their realization. [TNM]   

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