Friday, April 30, 2010

Estimation of Sri Aurobindo fluctuates

It wasn't that other great thinkers had not seen that evolution is basically Spirit-in-action (it was obvious to Schelling and Hegel, for example). Nor was Aurobindo necessarily the most enlightened spirit in modern India (many would point to the illustrious Sri Ramana Maharshi in that regard). 9:47 AM]

There is general agreement among students of religion that Aurobindo was a remarkable mystic, but few are willing to swallow the claim of some of his followers that he was an avatar, like Krishna, Chaitanya or Christ…
What about the assertion that Aurobindo was an avatar? I can’t say that the question interests me very much. Aurobindo never claimed the distinction for himself, and I don’t think anyone alive is in a position to say one way or the other.]

I decided to write about Sri Aurobindo, first, because I find him tremendously interesting. I won’t go any farther than this.]

(By the by, Peter is the first biographer to speculate, albeit briefly, about the nature of Sri Aurobindo’s sexual experience.)]

An individual’s estimation of Sri Aurobindo is obviously subjective that evolves/fluctuates throughout the life. Expecting a fixed countenance, therefore, is unfair. It is, however, desirable that one is candid about such feelings without hoodwinking others or institutions. [TNM]

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  1. Aurobindo, like most accomplished adepts, elude description. The Master has said very clearly that my life is not visible.. it is a consciousness that requires WORK to be established. The work of which he was an integral part, was continued by the Mother. That is an ocean of knowledge that requires YEARS of study.. "A few shall see what none yet understands.. god shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep.. and belief shall be not till the work is done.. :-)